Saturday, March 27, 2010

Foot in mouth/cough drop in hair

This morning I went to the vet's office to pick up a new prescription for Chumley. Though he's eating, drinking and gaining weight, his labs came back and his kidneys are still in bad shape. We're trying a new form of antibiotic and will just go from there.

Anyway, while I was in the waiting area a woman walked in with a 4 month old golden retriever. Of course I have to get down on the ground and kiss this baby and I asked what his name was. She said Sebastian. I told her that I met him before! I said I met Sebastian while walking Wrigley and told her the name of the park. She said that she goes there with him and I said, "Well it wasn't you. It was an older woman. Does your mom walk him?" And that's when I said to myself, You...are...a...DUMB ASS!!

Her response?

"Nope, not my mom. She's my partner."


I also had a cough drop stuck in my hair from the night before that would not come out.

Never go to bed with a cough drop in your mouth.

I'm going to bake a red velvet cake now.


Tracey Axnick said...

How embarrassing.
My worst foot-in-mouth experience was my freshman year at NYU - I was at a frat party and some poor young man was riding around on a little scooter type device and I (being VERY tipsy and VERY stupid) asked him if he was riding around on that due to a "pledge-type-thing"....
Nope. He was handicapped, and it was his wheelchair. I wanted the floor to swallow me UP....

ChiTown Girl said...

That is freakin' hilarious!!!! I bet she wanted to BYFFI!!!

karen gerstenberger said...

I've gotten used to the taste of shoe leather over the sorry it happened to you, but it's good of you to admit it! Now I know I'm in good company, and you've made me smile. Thank you!

I just saw a red velvet cake mix and frosting mix at Williams Sonoma. Very tempting indeed...

Clippy Mat said...

that ricola commercial that you linked to?
i just read the comments that followed it.
i'm telling you, some people are just weird!

Anonymous said...

My worst FIM was asking the boss' daughter when her due date was. She wasn't pregnant.