Sunday, March 28, 2010

4th time's a charm

Chum off Baytril.
2 days later, going downhill.
Pee and more pee everywhere.
Syringe some up, take to vet's.
Await results.
Kidneys not improving.
Vet prescribes Zeniquin.
Crap. Pill form only.
Pick up pills.
"Here, kitty kitty."
Bandage up my hand.
Take pills to pharmacy.
"PLEASE can you compound?"
Chicken flavor please.
No, not for me.
Hoping this works.

Apparently this drug is so potent that humans can't even get it on their skin. Can't help wonder what it's doing to Chum as I force it down his little throat.


update: Guess I don't have to wonder what it's doing to Chum cuz he throws it up after 20 minutes. Poor guy.


Australian Stephanie said...

Our cat Alena and I send our love to Chumley. Hope he gets better soon.

Smileygirl said...

Thank you Stephanie and Alena. Chum says, "I'm going to get better!"

karen gerstenberger said...

Poor Baby! Give him a hug from us, please - and one for the rest of the fam, too. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Orbax? Sadie handles it really well and I have used it on the cats once before. It is a horse pill that I usually have to cut in half and then shove down their throat.

J-Mom said...

oh man girl! So sorry Chum is sick and so sorry for the care-taker too. I know it's so hard on you both!

Clippy Mat said...

come on Chum. you can do it.
(you deserve a medal Laura) such TLC.

Anonymous said...

This cat house hopes and prays that the new medication works for Chum. Even if he throws it up in 20 minutes, some has to be getting into his system.
Clippy Mat is right--you deserve a medal for the extraordinary care you give Chum.