Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Where have I been lately??? I have not been updating this "online journal" as I need and want to be. Life has somehow gotten in the way. But it's a good thing, because I'm starting to feel like I have one again. A couple of friends and a family member (who I didn't even know read this blog) told me that they feel disconnected from our life because I haven't been updating much anymore. My response, "Get on facebook and you'll know wayyyyyy more than you want to." I guess that's where I've been spending the majority of my online time. I don't want that to take away from blogging but I love how I'm able to stay connected with my real life friends from the past and those I've left behind from the last 3 states we've lived. If it wasn't for that venue, I don't think I could have survived the last nine months.

So I'll try and sum up what's been going on with various snippets:

He was doing great until we had a little gathering at our house last Friday. Our party guests ended up spending the night which infuriated the beast and in retaliation, decided to urinate all over the leather couch, dining room cushion and my portable massage chair unit. We are starting him on another round of antibiotics in the off chance he has a kidney or urinary infection but really, I just think he's being a spiteful son of a B.

Could not be happier. He is the happiest dog I've ever met. Always so willing to please and just so full of love. Tom bought him a life vest so he could go on the kayak with him. He had his first kayak ride last week and LOVED it! Of course I took some video:

Been working hard as always and is so committed to making his business the best it can be in light of these tough times. It's not been easy for retailers but he is confident and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure things turn around. I admire his dedication and wish I had 1/100th of it. Also, two of Tom's best buddies from Chicago are moving out here with job relocations. He is so thrilled about this and I couldn't be happier for him. Kind of strange how things work out.

This past month I've felt great mentally. The weather has been nice and it's helped to quell those dark, depressing thoughts that take over when it's crappy. My physical health however has not been so great. Been having some nasty bouts of digestive problems, so I've made a dr. appt to figure out what can be done. Aside from that, I've been volunteering at a Senior Center and am teaching a Computer class tomorrow. The class will focus on Microsoft Outlook, which I haven't used in 7 years, but I hope it all comes back, just like riding a bike. I've also sent my resume to Microsoft and been in touch with a wonderful woman in their Communications Dept and may have some interesting leads to pursue in the near future.

Ok so now that I've caught up on the boring stuff, I'll go back to posting my usual nonsense. And believe me, there's a LOT more of that to come!!!

Love to all.

Come visit!!!


M said...

I'm glad I sent that email! We love you both so much. Thinking about a visit in the late summer to early fall.

Lizy said...

Glad your back to blogging... Of course I'm also a facebook stalker, but it's just not the same..

Bridget :) said...

Miss you guys :)

Anonymous said...

I love that Wrigley so much. He is the best dog!

Happy you're updating again toO!

karengberger said...

So glad to see you back here. Love you guys! XO

Anonymous said...

Love the update!!!! Please let Tom know that I dumped a ton of money into Nordstrom over the past month, so I'm doing my share to help keep that place afloat! I can't go into that store without thinking of the two of you.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I'm trying to find you in the facebook. What's your name in there? Or maybe it's easier if you search for my name (Claudia Margonper) which is very easy to find and add me as your friend. I mean, if you want to, of course.