Thursday, June 04, 2009

more Chum n' Wrigs

(click the pics to enlarge for facial expressions)

Chum: Son of a B! Here she comes with that camera again.
Wrigs: That bright light really hurts my eyes.
Chum: It's called a flash, fool.

Chum: Let's not look at her. Just ignore her and maybe she'll go 
Wrigs: OK.

Chum: Crap! She's still there. And that flash got my eyes too! 
Wrigs: I looked away that time.
Chum: Well good for you. Time for a new strategy...

Chum: Ok, let's look really pissed. The meaner the better, can you do that Wrigs?
Wrigs: I can try.
Chum: Really furrow your brow, and give her your best stank eye.
Wrigs: I'm stanking.

Chum: Scrunch up your face, like you mean business.
Wrigs: I'm doing it.
Chum: Is she gone yet? 
Wrigs: Nope, still there.
Chum: DAMN IT!!!

Chum: New plan. Let's look really bored, like we don't even care about this. Pretend to sleep.
Wrigs: Done.
Chum: I'm just gonna look around the room, dum dee dum dee dum. 
Wrigs: Is she gone yet???
Chum: Lemme check...

Chum: OUCH! My eyes!!! 
Wrigs: I'll take that as a no. 
Chum: This is getting ridiculous. Can't she take pictures of something else??? Why us all the time?
Wrigs: Maybe because she loves us?

Chum: Who knows. Oh wait...I think she's gone!

Wrigs: Nope. Still there.
Chum: I give up.


Anonymous said...

You have way too much time on your hands! AND I'M GLAD.....very entertaining!!

karengberger said...

They are irresistible! Hope you are all staying cool enough.

David wants me to ask you how you're enjoying the weather. I've told him, but he wants to hear it from YOU. =)

Anonymous said...

Chum and Wrigs look very, very happy in their new house! Again, I ask, where is the Golden hair! It's falling out of Max in clumps this time of year! What is your primary vacuum? I know the Roomba cannot keep up with Goldens.
I hope you are enjoying some extraordinary sunsets! YKW

Smileygirl said...

YKW, speaking of sunsets... I'll post some pics soon!

Karen, you can tell David that I feel like my old self again. Now we just need to find a way to make this last 300 days a year!!!

LeighAnn, Glad you are entertained by my beasts. I know I am so that's why I had to share these pics on here!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been in way too much therapy. I'm saying that right now already.

Did you know that the way groups work is that first they want totally individual attention from the group leader (you), then they fight with each other for your attention, then they come together as a group without the leader's involvement (which is seems like from the pictures is where Chum & Wrigs are now)... and then they GANG UP on the group leader, and then everyone's a nice, happy family. If the group leader survives.

I wonder what kind of practical jokes and pranks they will do to you in the ganging-up phase! (Do animals do that? Yours probably would. Their mama is queen of that stuff.)

Anonymous said...

Well, dangit, my dog doesn't talk...

Thanks for the giggle!

L in Alaska

PS It's in the 80's here, too!

Anonymous said...

How are my friends? And you and Tom? :)