Monday, June 22, 2009

what kind of poo are you gonna do

Remember this post from a while ago??? Well after today's walk we can add yet another poo style to the mix. I call it "the double sided dildo".

I sh*t you not, this is what Wrigs poo looked like on our walk today (except for the bright blue color)

Anyway, not sure why I felt compelled to share this information on here. It was just shocking and I needed to write about it. Here's the old post for reference in case no one knows what I'm talking about....

(old post from April)

Wrigs ate 3 of my Landjagers that I bought this week at Pike's. Chumley must have knocked them off the counter because there was no other way Wrigs could have reached them. I came downstairs to an empty bag on the floor and Wrigs had a guilty face and a rumbling tummy. There were also tiny bites in the bottom of the bag which makes me think Chum started the whole thing.

Anyway, I've been walking Wrigs A LOT trying to make sure everything is expunged from his system.

When Tom and I walk him together we place bets on what kind of poo he's going to do. As he does his poo walk (he gets his body low to the ground, tail too, and sniffs and sniffs and sniffs for just the right spot) I'll say "Wrigs, what kind of poo are you gonna do?"

I even have some what of a song to go along with it...

One, Two, Do a BIG poo.

Three, Four, Here comes more.

Five, Six, Did you eat sticks??

Seven, Eight, FUMIGATE!!!

So anyway after Wrigs gets into prime pooing position Tom and I will shout out what kind of poo we think he's going to do.

Here are the options:

- the big log (self explanatory)

- hard nuggets (Tom always says, "Hard Nugget Brigade!" when this happens, he made this up himself)

- soft serve swirly cone (think McDonalds)

and finally

- carne Asada or chili Mac (these 2 are often one in the same and can be used interchangeably)

So today, based on Wrigs devouring the 3 giant meat sticks, I assumed (in my head since Tom was not with me) that it would be a Carne Asada or Chili Mac combo. But it wasn't. When I saw the nuggets pop out I was surprised and said aloud to Wrigs,

"WOW! A hard nugget brigade?"

There was a woman walking her son in a stroller just a couple feet ahead of me and I'm not sure if she heard, but I pretended to talk on my blue tooth until we passed her.

I am surprised though that he had hard nuggets. I thought the meat sticks would have resulted in a hot lava flow but I guess not. Maybe there's still more to come.


Bon Don said...

I think I will use "Hard Nugget Brigade!" when referring to my poos! hahaha

Busy Bee Suz said...

You guys are so silly...I love the poo is stuck in my head now!!!!
I would watch him in another few could get messy. :)

Gina said...

when i was a little kid my dad and i would count how many "plops" my dog made on her walks! hehe

Smileygirl said...

Hard Nugget Brigade has a nice sound to it. It should be a band.

So far no mess with Wrigs but his poor tummy keeps making these AWFUL noises! Will he learn his lesson??? NO.

Gina that story about your dad is so cute. I can just picture a dad and his little girl counting the plops. I think we may have to add to our game and see if we can guess poo type and plops!

Karyn said...

omg, im dying laughing.

moooooog35 said...

You guys are gonna be super annoying when you have kids.

K@tie said...

You're lucky he stops to go. My dogs like to do the "walk-n-dump" and leave turds all down the street.

Anonymous said...

Hard nuggets are way easier to clean and pick up after, on a cement sidewalk, versus the soft serve ice cream variety. Then if you dont get it all, people give you looks.

Anonymous said...

Oh... my... God.

You guys are hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Oz recently posted a pic via twitter that was a poop chart :

He says type 4 is the ideal poop to have.