Monday, October 13, 2008

An adjustment for all

Is it 9:30 at night or in the morning? I can't f*cking tell.

It's seriously dark, like night time. If I were a bat, this would be glorious.

It's so dark, that I mistook a prescription codeine for my daily vitamin this morning. Woopsie. It's not all bad.

Something is leaking as I type. It could be our washing machine. We just finally got the pipe fixed. It was leaking when we tried to connect the washer. It's now supposed to be fixed but I hear water dripping. Actually it's more like a lightly running faucet. We have no dryer because our dryer is gas and this house has no gas line. So I am currently washing a load of towels and have no idea what the hell I'm going to do to dry them. Can't exactly hang them outside like I used to do back home.

We also have no microwave. I should rephrase that. We have no working microwave. The microwave here is just for looks. I thought the owner of the house was kidding when she told us that. Only the "popcorn" button works. Living without a microwave and a dryer is a royal pain in the ass.

The one I really feel badly for is Wrigley. Due to space constraints the poor guy eats and drinks right next to Chumley's shit box. I couldn't imagine eating my breakfast in the bathroom next to Tom while he's on the crapper. I wish there was some other place I could move his bowls. It's also been a challenge letting Wrigley outside to do his business. The area he has to poop and pee is very small and what has happened on more than one occasion is that he ends up back stepping into his poop and then rushes back into the house smearing it all over the floor and furniture. I went completely ape shit on him and I feel bad because I know it's not his fault but I just really miss the way things used to be.

Some lifestyle adjustments I've made since living here:

I shower about every other day (give or take a day). And I wash my hair twice a week. Our house is way too cold to bathe anymore than that. And shaving my legs is now a thing of the past.

I drink roughly the same amount, I just start earlier in the day. But I end up going to bed earlier so it's not like I'm drinking a whole lot more than I used to.

I wear a hat and scarf at all times in and out of this house. The heat runs constantly but it doesn't seem to warm up at all.

I don't go outside when it's drizzling. I'm already starting to feel like a hermit.

Our neighborhood is really cute, big huge trees, the lake or sound or bay or whatever it's called is just a few blocks away. My sister and I walked around town quite a bit and got lost. We ended up in a not so desirable area. When we finally got out of there and realized where we were, there was my house, just one street away from where that area starts. We will be activating our alarm system this week.

I feel so completely out of my element.


ChiTown Girl said...

Girl, I'm sorry to be so annoying, but what you've described sounds like heaven!! Last week, it progressively got warmer each day, until we hit a record high of eighty-freakin'-four Saturday!!! 84!!! In the middle of freakin' October!! In CHICAGO!!! My air conditioner kicked on, and I just went with it! It was 84 again yesterday, and as I'm typing this at about 12:30, it's about 79. But, thankfully, I just heard Tom Skilling say we're in for a 25 degree drop over the next few days. Thank you, Jesus!!!

Suz said...

You will find your groove. It will take time. Your hair is better off being not so clean anyway and shaving your legs is such a waste of just grows back.
take care.

Lizy said...

All of a sudden I'm feeling so sorry for Tom... ;)

Tip: buy an electric blanket..

Kristen said...

Oh you sound so sad.... You need some fun rain boots to make all those rainy days at least a little more bearable. I work for a rainwear web store and if you email me (, I can totally set you up with some cool boots. I think the ones at this link might be the pair for you/

Clippy Mat said...

iffen them rainboots don't do it for ya, email me and i'll set you up with a great big souwester of the head to toe variety, some night vision goggles, a personal alarm for when you're walkin' in the neighbourhood, a doggy diaper for wrigley and coupons for the local laundromat: they serve hot dogs and alcohol.
glad to be of service.

LeighAnn said...

Please read my last post on my blog when you get a second.

Thanks girl.

moooooog35 said...

On the bright side, I saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

Hope that helps cheer you up.

The Engine of the Family said...

Girly - I haven't chatted with you in forever! Does your email work again? I have some pics to share with you. It sounds warmer here in Wisconsin than in Seattle...move east my are too close to Alaska! Are you wearing your ski mask I bought you? Maybe put the clothes in the microwave?? You never know...might work! Take care my friend!