Monday, April 16, 2007

Wild Weather

Now a snowstorm hits the Northeast? Last week it was a blizzard in Denver, tornadoes in Texas and freezing temps with snow in Chicago. Hey, Mother Nature, it's the middle of April! Did you forget to change your clocks ahead too? Those of us in S. Cal are also suffering the effects of a delayed Spring. Last week we had 60 mile an hour winds that knocked down power lines and trees all across the southland. Then there was strange weather this past weekend.

Saturday Tom and I (of course with Wrigs) went out for breakfast and sat outside. The sun was beating down on my shoulders and turned them red in a matter of minutes. I was wearing a calf length sun dress so I pulled it up a bit to get some sun on my legs. Tom told me my legs were so white that they hurt his eyes so I pulled my dress back down to cover them up. He told me that I really needed to get some sun on my legs but based on his reaction I wasn't about to put on a bathing suit and head to the beach anytime soon. As we sat and ate we began planning out the day which mostly involved yard work (Tom is installing a putting green and it's in the very beginning stages) and as exciting as that sounds I told him that I would love to lay in the warm sun for a bit with a glass of freshly brewed iced tea and a good book. I also said it would be great if we had a nice big hammock to nap in and he perked up and exclaimed that he has wanted to get a hammock for the back yard since we moved into this house. So the three of us head to Lowe's in hot pursuit of a hammock. And this is what we find...

This is the Cadillac of all hammocks and even though it takes up 1/4 of our backyard, it is pure heaven. It is so comfortable that I fell asleep in the sun for almost 2 hours on Saturday afternoon. It was such a peaceful and relaxing sleep too. The temperature was in the 70's with a soft breeze every now and then. There were only a few white puffy clouds that skitted across the sky from time to time otherwise it was just pure uninterrupted sunshine. That being so, I definitely got some sun on my legs but it's not very even. They sort of have these candy cane stripes along the sides. But no worries, I just figured that the next day I would lay out on the opposite side to sun the white parts. But when I woke up on Sunday it was dark, dank and very cold! The sun never made it's way through the gray clouds. And of course our house was freezing! Instead of putting on my bathing suit for a second day, I had to pull out my basket of home made knits and spent the day inside. I sat by the window wearing my woolly cap and scarf bundled in a blanket and watched as the rain poured down on my big red hammock.


You Know Who I Am said...

Please do not tell my pastey-white husband, Joe-Nathe, that I'm posting his secret on the world, wide web, but you could consider going his route with a little Estee Lauder fake tanner. When we were dating he would bring me back those little free trial bags every so often, saying he went shopping and thought of me. I knew he was picking something up at the counter in order to get that fakey-vinyl bag with lipstick and eye cream...but fake tanner? For a guy? From Estee Lauder? Hope your legs even out.

Smileygirl said...

At least he wasn't keeping the lipstick for himself! I have tried several sunless tanners but after a couple days it starts to streak off and turn orange around my ankles and knees. Although your hubby has good taste. Estee Lauder probably makes the best self tanner out there!