Monday, April 02, 2007

Stop and smell the roses...

Quick quick! Before they die!

This is our first year planting roses and so far, so good. We only planted 4 small bushes (all different colors) because we weren't sure if they would bloom. They seem to be doing well so we may continue to plant more along the side yard. But for now, we just have these little budding beauties at the front steps greeting all who pass by. Actually, I need to hack off the light pink one on the right, it's getting a little too full. It will look pretty floating in a clear bowl vase sitting on the kitchen table.

(I'm sure all of you know this but somehow in the excitement of cutting off my first rose stem I forgot about the thorns. I've got a few sharp puncture wounds on my digits but lucky for me I'm used to that. Chumley's front fangs are about the same size as a prickly thorn. But regardless...use caution when snipping stems!)


Peter said...

Holy shmokes, that Chumley is one scary looking cat.

christina said...

I can't believe you're comparing Chumley's fangs to thorns on pretty roses. I'd take having a thorn prick or two over Chumley's hiss every time.