Friday, April 27, 2007

Weekend Getaway

We're off to Palm Springs for a fun filled weekend! 3 days of live music, hot sun and ice cold beer. What could be better?

Apparently there are over 150,000 people headed out today from the Greater Los Angeles area. So Tom is antsy to get in the car and start driving! I'm still packing a few last minute things: beef jerky, flask o' gin, fart machine, you know, the essentials.

It's supposed to be 105 degrees in the desert so I'm sure at some point I'll strip down to my bloomers and run around half naked during the concert. What happens in Palm Springs STAYS in Palm Springs. Wait, that's my Vegas mantra. Oh well, they're close enough!

Here's the link to the music festival. Lots of great bands playing. Can't wait!

  • Coachella!

    cali g said...

    How was it? Did you dance in the buff?

    Smileygirl said...

    We ended up coming home a day early because it was too hot!!! Didn't even make it to the stages. Yes, we are really 90 years old.