Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Update on the Automobile

Turns out the hubby didn't run out of gas on the freeway. Nope, instead he just blew the timing belt. No big deal, right? Can't you just replace it like the fan belt? Apparently not. I didn't realize how critical the timing belt is, but I guess if it breaks down and causes damage then the engine has to be rebuilt. Right now the estimate is $5000 and growing. Yeah it sucks to have to shell out money unexpectedly but as I told the hubby, it could have been a LOT worse. He is lucky that he was able to control the car and move away from the speeding traffic. And I thank God that he didn't get hurt or hurt other drivers on the road. These are all blessings and I'm very grateful.

For those of you interested in learning more about the timing belt, here's a link to my two favorite car gurus, Click and Clack, a.k.a, the Tappet Brothers. We really enjoy listening to them and are highly entertained by their sense of humor as well as their knowledge on automobiles. They're on nationwide Saturday and Sunday mornings on NPR.
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  • And here's a picture I found online of what a timing belt looks like for those of you who would like a visual. Looks more like an old time movie projector to me...

    One last thing. Here is a picture of the loaner Tom is driving, probably for the next 2 weeks. I crack up everytime I see him pulling out of the driveway! Nothing against the car itself, it's just that my husband is NOT a candy-apple-red-station-wagon driving type of guy!

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    Christina said...

    I love that he's driving this car!!! Too funny. It is so NOT him.