Monday, January 01, 2007

Sweet dreams drunken stranger...

Nothing rings in the new year like a passed out party goer asleep on your front lawn. Sadly though, this person wasn't at our party. On New Year's eve Tom and I had a simple get together with my sister and her husband but our neighbor's 2 doors down had a total blow out bash straight out of a John Hughes movie. It was still going strong, LOUD music and all into the wee hours of the morning (Wow, I'm getting older) and many party people were outside dancing, singing, yelling and stumbling around. Tom and I were peeping out the guest room window watching all the shenanigans when all of a sudden we see this one fellow stagger up the sidewalk. We were afraid he was about to get into a car and drive off but lucky for us he took a few more steps and ended up falling down smack dab in our driveway. He rolled around for a little while and then clumsily sat back up and put his head between his legs and then toppled over yet again. Tom and I were thoroughly entertained by this and kept trying to stifle our laughter in case the drunkard could hear us and become enraged. A few minutes go by and he tries to sit up again which takes all of his concentration and strength. He succeeds somewhat but his movement is still very unsteady, like he's made of silly putty. So as he wobbles on our driveway it looks as if he is trying to catch his breath but then he starts to dry heave and THEN... proceeds to vomit down our driveway. After witnessing that, I almost did the same.

So when he finished spewing out the remainder of his liquor filled stomach he rolls over and decides to curl up on the grass for a nice nap. I tell Tom that I MUST get a picture of this but he's not so sure this is a good idea. I was ready to walk straight out the front door and flash a head on photo of our lawn guest but Tom thought I should try and take it from the garage window without disturbing him. So as I do this I'm standing on top of a plastic tennis ball container because the windows in the garage are too high for me to see and I start flashing some pics. It's way too dark but the pic above was the best I could get. I was also trying to make scary noises when I was in the garage in an effort to freak him out so he'd get up and run (more like crawl and stumble) away. I made some drawn out Ooooooooo sounds in a deep eerie pitch, like the stuff you hear on Halloween tapes but that didn't seem to work.

I realized our real life Long Duk Dong was not going anywhere soon so I debated on which dog blanket I should use to cover him. By the time I decided, 2 men from the party make their way up the sidewalk and spot their buddy asleep in our grass. They slowly and carefully get him back up on his feet each man supporting him from either side. He was whisked away, put into a car (as a passenger of course) and was never to be seen again.

So can you guess the first thing we did on New Year's day 2007???

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