Monday, January 08, 2007

Soda or Pop? (update from previous post)

I think I'm the only one that cares about this so since this is my journal, albeit public, I'll post it. I'll look back 20 years from now and reflect on how much of a dork I am. I do this on a consistent basis anyway so it's par for the course.

So Tom comes home from work and I let him unwind for a few minutes, then I start to make a new Target list and ask him if there's anything he needs. He says no a couple of times then I ask, "How about anything to eat or drink?" He replies, "Oh yeah, Diet Coke." Of course he says that. I tell him that since we're on this caffiene free kick, aside my from 2 a.m. cups of java I'm going to purchase some other carbonated beverages. (just to clarify I'm not drinking AT 2 a.m. as in the morning, but 2 cups of coffee IN the a.m., although if I was chugging coffee at 2 a.m. that would explain my sleep disorders!)

So anyway, I wanted to try a couple other brands besides Coke and I say to Tom, "What's another word for carbonated beverages? I don't want to have to write all that out on my list." Clever, no? He raises his eyebrows at me and says "Are you kidding?" I then play along a little and say, "Come on! What's that word!! Ugh, I can't think of it! What the heck is that word for carbonated drinks?" He's now looking at me like I have 3 heads and then says slowly and quietly, "Soda water?" I start to laugh and say "No, the word for carbonated drinks, like Coke and Pepsi, you know!" Then he immediately rattles off with no pauses in between as if it were all one word, "Pop-Bubbly-Spritzer?" So I'm still not really sure if he's a Soda or a Pop man after all this. But I am certain that he thinks I'm losing my mind one tiny brain cell at a time.

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Christina Shaver said...

Before you clarified the 2 a.m. deal, I honestly thought you drank caffeine at 2 a.m. What is even worse is that I stopped for a moment, thought about it and said to myself, "well that's Laura."