Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Closet Re-org 2007

One of my objectives for 2007 is to simplify and de-clutter. Actually this has been my yearly objective since 2002 so 5 years now! It started after we purchased our home in Minnesota, when we started accumulating a lot more STUFF (clothes and shoes included.) So I'm finally attempting to organize my closet which really has never been organized since we moved into this house, which I'm embarrassed to admit was in April. I have a very hard time with this because I can't stay focused long enough to complete this task and I find it hard to make decisions on what should stay and what can be tossed or given to Goodwill so instead my closet ends up in complete chaos which then spills into the adjoining rooms. Sometimes it looks as though we live in squalor and I'm really trying to make an effort to finish this project and live with less mess. Here are some pics of the spillage effect...

Can you find Chumley in this picture? He popped into the doorway right as I took the pic. He's always watching whatever I do in a sinister like way. Sometimes I swear he just appears out of nowhere. And sometimes it really freaks me out.

Ok back to my mess. Here's a pic looking the other way...

I have made several unsuccessful attempts at finding places for all this stuff and I will use this mornings attempt as an example of why this is so difficult for me. I had a pool of handbags on the closet floor because I change my mind so frequently when it comes to bags and unfortunately I don't end up putting them away. Same goes for belts too. They just seem to make their way to the ground and snake around the piles until you can't see any speck of the floor. So as Tom was getting ready for work this morning he said to me, Ok just focus on the handbags, nothing else. Please just start with getting those off the floor and putting those away.

Fine, I start picking up one, then two, then of course I have to look in the bags and see what's inside. Gum, several packs. Is it still good? I don't know let's sit down and chew some pieces. Tastes ok but sort of loses it's flavor too fast. Tom do you want some gum? Next. Tiny bottle of hair spray. So cute! But not much left so I better get the big bottle under the sink and refill my purse sized bottle in case I run out. Oh boy it's been a while since I've cleaned out the stuff under my sink. Stuff is spilling all over the place and gross, some of the jars are leaking. I've got to get some containers for these bottles and cosmetics that are over flowing. Oh, I know - I have a bunch of fun holiday boxes I can use that I saved from Christmas! Into the kitchen I go for some boxes. Hmmm, still have lots of holiday treats in here. That's ok I'll just take them out and put them in ziploc baggies. Ok where are the ziploc baggies? Tom? Did you use the last of the ziploc bags?? Great, we are out of baggies. I could have sworn I just bought some. Oh no I meant to buy them at Target last time I was there but I forgot! I knew there was one last thing I needed to get - Damn I hate when that happens. Ok so I better make sure to write this down. Let me just quickly start a new shopping list for my next trip to Target. Target list: ziploc bags. Ok, what was I doing down here?

Oh that's right I was going to start putting away the Christmas decorations.

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