Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our House is SO Cold that...

I wear a puffy ski jacket, scarf and gloves while inside. It's uncomfortably cold. We have portable heaters that we cart around from room to room because our central heating system doesn't do much to warm it up. The heat vents are positioned way up high on the walls and we have no floor heating system so all the heat does is rise up to the ceiling. I've also knitted a warming accessory I like to call a "nose cozy" that I wear on the tip of my nose which ties around my head to keep my nose warm since my nose is always ice cold. Yesterday it was 76 degrees outside but inside the house it's a chilly 59. So I'm bundled up in my black ski jacket, purple gloves and nose cozy and head outside to get the mail. Just as I'm about to exit our porch area I decide I better remove the nose cozy. And it's a good thing I did because I see a couple neighbors outside wearing t-shirts and shorts and here I come dressed for a blizzard! My jacket makes that swishing noise as I move my arms so I try not to move them so much then I smile at my neighbors while waving my fuzzy purple hand thinking, THANK GOD I took off that nose cozy! I would have looked like such a FOOL!

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