Friday, January 19, 2007

The Ultimate "Mom" Jeans

(by the way it's been almost 3 weeks and I'm still not completely done with my closet)

And one reason it takes me close to a decade to get organized is because I have to try everything on, twice, incorporating different accessories, shoes, hand bags, you name it. Another reason is I'm a compulsive saver and I like to reflect on my soon to be cast aways and recall where I was and what was going on in the world while sporting acid washed jeans and monster heeled Doc Martens. And take photos. But, in the back of my mind I always hear a voice that whispers, "Don't throw it away, this is bound to make vintage status in just a few more years." So I chuck it back into the giant blue plastic tub and wait...and...wait...and yep, still waiting. I must say though, this time around I was on a mission to PURGE.

Especially after I tried on these CK jeans cir. 1992...(Wow - just realized that was 15 years ago - well at least they still fit me... sort of.)

I was a mere sophomore in college and it's amazing I was able to get, I mean- have dates back then, while wearing the likes of these. And check this out. For old time's sake I even pegged (remember that word?) the bottom of the jeans and took some photos to take you all back to the days when we obviously thought walking around dressed like morons was in fashion. I thought the black socks added a nice touch...

So to compare, I took a picture of my present day jeans (still wearing the same shirt and belt) so I could note some of the obvious differences between the two. Old jeans on the left, new jeans on the right.

1) the zipper on my jeans today is about 6 inches shorter.
2) these jeans actually conform to my body rather than bulge out in certain places making it appear as though I have a malformed pelvic region.
3) the button on the jeans rests comfortably just below my navel instead of my sternum.
4) you can now see my entire shirt as opposed to just the top half.

I have told Tom that as a joke I think it would be funny if I came to meet him for lunch wearing my old jeans, pegged at the bottom. He didn't seem to find the humor in that. Fuddy Duddy. Perhaps he will when I make my surprise visit to his office. Could he get fired for that since he works in fashion? It definitely qualifies as a fashion crime. Hmmm, I better think twice about this one.

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Christina Shaver said...

Maybe if you doubled-up the socks, Tom would be more into it.