Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Something to think about...

The other evening Tom and I attended a charity dinner/auction/concert to help raise money for prostate cancer. It was a fun night filled with lots of surprises and of course what makes it even better is that it all went towards a great cause. After dinner ended we were all escorted into a private room for a special surprise concert. Tom and I got prime seats close to the stage and settled in our seats to wait for the musicians to perform. As the room was filling up space was limited. There was still a little space at our table since Tom and I were the only ones sitting there and this woman comes up and asks if she could stand there and watch the show. We said sure no problem.

The music starts and she settles in and we all exchange smiles and then both Tom and I quickly look back at each other and raise our eyebrows in unison. The woman had a huge glob of meringue right smack dab in the middle of her nose! I know it was meringue because earlier in the night I had devoured a little lemon meringue mini pie and as I bit into it the meringue stretched for inches and then settled nicely on my upper lip once it finally came apart. Within seconds Tom gestured to alert me of my glob so I quickly wiped it clean. We assumed the same thing must have happened to this woman. So now it's really uncomfortable because Tom and I are trying so hard to avoid any face to face contact with this woman. He leans over to me and says "You better tell her." I turn to look towards her and she is not looking back at me but she is intensely focused on the stage with a huge grin on her face, clapping along and be-bopping her whole body to the music. All the while the meringue stays right in place on the tip of her nose. I quickly turn back to Tom and say "I can't! I just can't!"

Then I plead for him to do it because he is much better at these sorts of things he has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and is very diplomatic about something like this. Plus he has NO problem telling me when things are on my nose, IN my nose or anywhere about my face whatsoever. Actually I think he delights in telling me these things. So while the concert is in full swing Tom and I are not even paying attention to the music, this has been the topic of our discussion for a good 5-8 minutes. Finally meringue nose's husband appears and joins the table. It's too loud for conversation so we all exchange smiles and Tom and I relax a little now that he is there because he would obviously tell his wife about the white glob attached to her nose. Well minutes go by and it's still there. Tom and I take turns glancing back every so often to look and even after an hour it's STILL there!! Now, we're pissed. We then sneak some glances at the husband and no wonder he didn't tell his wife, he is too busy checking out every other woman in the room.

After an hour or so the woman leaves (possibly to go to the bathroom) but never returns. On the long drive home I was still a little worked up about this so I needed to vent to Tom. I told him how disrespectful it was of the husband to not say anything to his wife. Tom said maybe he didn't see it? I said maybe so but then that got me even more worked up because that meant for over an hour he didn't even look at his wife in the face. I'm not sure what is worse. A husband who doesn't tell his wife she needs to check herself for: spinach in teeth, boogar in nose, mascara in hair, arm pit stains, panty line fix, fly wide open, crumbs on chest, (these are just a few that come to mind on a daily basis in our life) or a husband that just doesn't bother to LOOK at his wife. It really made me reflect on our own marriage of over 8 years and how we continue to interact with each other. We grow together everyday and I'm still amazed at what I learn from him. As with any marriage, nothing is perfect and sometimes it's hard work but I am happy to say that at least he's still looking. I love you Tom.

(p.s. Tom would like me to add "Nose Hair Check" to the list above. Gotta love getting older!!!)

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