Thursday, November 09, 2006

Does Anyone Else Do This???

So sometimes when I’m bored I like to ask my husband hypothetical questions and see his thought process in the works and hear his reasons for answering the way he does. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, while we’re laying next to each other watching stupid golf tournaments on tv I’ll ask, “Would you still be with me if I had no arms or legs?” Typically one would ask some type of a follow up question or two such as… “Were you in some type of car accident that caused you to lose your limbs?” Or “Were you born that way and I fell in love with a torso and decided to marry you anyway?” These seem like logical questions to ask when posed with this sort of random question, but not for my husband. Instead he furrows his brow a bit and purses his lips together for a few seconds and comes up with…”Would you still have a mouth?” I answer that yes, I would still have a functioning mouth. And he says, “Then yes… I would.” I smile and nestle comfortably into his arms secure in the knowledge that he married me not just for my able body, but for my conversation skills.

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Anonymous said...

That's NOT why he's interested in your mouth!! ;-)