Sunday, November 12, 2006

Inappropriate Dinner Conversation

A while ago Tom and I attended a dinner party and were wedged between two guests who started to have this conversation below. "Man 1" is about our age and "Man 2" is quite a few years older....

Man 1: Dude, your daughter is really growing up.

Man 2: I know. It's scary.

Man 1: She's SMOKING!

Man 2: What? Cigarettes? Did you see her?

Man 1: No, not smoking smoking. She's smoking HOT!

Man 2: Oh, I see what you're saying. Ok then.

Man 1: I saw her the other day and almost didn't recognize her. She must have been coming back from the beach or somethin' 'cause she just had on a tiny little bikini top and skirt and MAN!!

Man 2: (just nods and takes a large swig of his beer)

Man 1: And my buddy was over and he said to me, "Damn! I'd hit that!"

Man 2: Ahhh well, please let your buddy know that she's only 15 years old.

Man 1: Well she looks at least 19. You know, with the way she's filled out and all.

Man 2: Yes, I know. I've seen them. HER! I've seen HER blossom over the last year.

Man 1: Boy, is THAT an understatement!!

(Man 1's wife now interested in the conversation)

Man 1's wife: What are you guys talking about?

Man 1 and Man 2 exchange looks. Sip beers. Say nothing.

Tom and I finally add to the conversation and in unison blurt out, "Sports."

Then we politely excuse ourselves and burst into fits of laughter.

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Lisa said...

Could you ever imagine two women having that conversation about one of their sons?! Men are such pigs! Man #2 should have decked #1 for even saying those things about his daughter. Good Lord!! That's just sick!!