Thursday, August 13, 2009


For the past month or so I've had what I like to call, "Severe Brain Fog." What is Severe Brain Fog or SBF? Well if my brain wasn't so foggy I'd be able to tell you in precise terms but since I can barely hold a thought I'll just cite some examples.

-Several days ago Wrigs and I drove into town, parked and walked to tend to our errands. Dry cleaning, bank, pharmacy, pet store, things like that. Well when I got back to the car, I put Wrigs in the back and then I got in and sat in the passenger seat. I checked my phone, answered a text and then thought, wait a second, I DROVE HERE! The area where I parked was bustling with lunch time crowds so rather than look like a moron and get out of the car and walk over to the driver's side I rummaged through the glove compartment as though I sat there purposely trying to find a map, tire gauge or what not. Then after grabbing an old pen and moving it into the center console I straddled the shifter and casually slid into the driver's seat.

-I was on some strong antibiotics because when I was back in Chicago en route to Pittsburgh, I got some nasty bug. I ended up having to go to Urgent Care and when the doctor took a throat swab the top of the q-tip was covered in dark red blood. Still don't know what it was (wasn't strep) but the doctor was concerned and put me on a high dose of antibiotics. This is when things really kicked into high gear. It wasn't so bad in the mornings but for whatever reason (wine) my night time dose really messed me up. I started seeing these blobby faces in my tea, in noodles, and even when I'd close my eyes. It got so bad one night that the face in my tea had teeth and was chewing at me. I threw the glass and the rest of the bottle of tea down the drain because of the sticky faces I saw.

-And then this morning I was making coffee as I do just about every morning and instead of pouring water into the coffee pot I poured it halfway full of milk. Thankfully I realized what I did before I poured the milk into the coffee maker because that would have been a pain in the ass to clean out. I know I'm not old but isn't this a sign of what old age is kind of like? (Aside from the hallucinations which I think were caused by an intolerance to the meds.)

Oh and one of the worst things I EVER did was just the other night. Tom and I were out til about 11:45pm trying to watch the meteors. Chum n Wrigs were with us then Tom and Wrigs went inside and I followed shortly after...but I forgot about Chum. Poor guy was outside on the deck ALL NIGHT in the cold and rain til 7:30 the next morning. Never in the 15 years of owning this cat have I ever left him outside like this. If anything would have happened to him I could never have forgiven myself.

Anyway, just wanted to share my SBF issues on here. I really want to update more and may have to do blogging like I do my facebook updates, random snippets of nonsense here and there. That seems to be the only way I can function/communicate lately.


karengberger said...

Well, when this sort of thing happens to me, I think of it as a symptom of menopause, but I don't think you qualify for that reason! Probably due to the meds. Welcome to my world (I mean, I hope it passes soon)! XO

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're not getting enough sleep! Are you?

Anonymous said...

I have an attached garage and sometimes one or two of my spoiled felines ask to go out there. A couple of times, I have forgotten they were there overnight. One of them jumps at the door until I hear, but that's just him. I'm sure Chum spent most of the time asleep but he might have enjoyed nighttime observation.

Betty looks like a snob--but she's in pretty good shape for her age. Realistically, I think she will move away (in some form) in the next five or so years.

Catherine said...

Sorry about the SBF! Hope you start to feel better soon. And, incidentally, I accidentally left my kitty Priscilla outside in the rain once - I felt like the worst kitty mama ever.

And, I loooove your frequent, short and sweet posts!

Anne Good said...

Ummm...are you pregnant? That sounds like the kinds of things I did during my first trimester!

Clippy Mat said...

sounds pretty normal to me!
or normal FOR me, anyway. poor chums, hope he's forgiven you.