Friday, August 14, 2009

not so politically correct

but I was irritable.

Tom and I ate an early lunch in town and within minutes I had some SERIOUS stomach issues. We had walked to the restaurant and now had about a mile and a half walk back home. We're both rushing (and I'm clenching) and on the sidewalk we're log jammed behind a large Asian family (large as in quantity of people, not size). These people just decided to stop right there and block any and all walking room. Frustrated I said out loud, "MOVE IT, Jon and Kate plus 8!" They still didn't move so we side winded into the street AND traffic to pass them.

Tom says I need to collect myself and keep those thoughts in my head from now on.

I say, not so much.


ChiTown Girl said...

bwah hahaha!

lizziebelle said...

this happened on golden gate bridge. large packs of them. just stopping. there were THOUSANDS of people on the bridge and the walkers were to be on the right and the bikers to the left, which would make sense in theory if A. large foreign groups wouldnt STOP without warning and block the whole area and B. if bike and pedestrian traffic was all going in one direction, which it most definitely was NOT.

never ever bike that bridge on a nice day.