Saturday, April 04, 2009

picture purging

***update: Coors light cans GONE! (no, I didn't take them)

I needed to make room on my camera phone so I'm purging some pics on here and will write up some blurbs for each...

This was Wrigs yesterday at the vet. He had been acting weak the last day and a half and developed this dry old man like cough. We were in the waiting room for a LONG time and Wrigs was all excited, wagging his tail, making friends with the staff and then he heard the LOUD bellowing of a distressed cat in the exam room. He turned and gave me this look like, "Ok mom, we need to leave. NOW!" Worst part for him is when they take his temp in his bum. He gets soooo upset and kicks and thrashes around and I'm always so afraid he's going to back into a wall or sit down with the thermometer still in his rear and either "swallow it up" or have it break off which will lead to a slow mercury poisoned death. Vet thinks he has an upper respiratory virus aka "kennel cough" in the canine world. He needs plenty of rest and fluids for the next 7-10 days. This morning I made him home made chicken/carrot/brown rice stew and he perked up and ate like I've never seen him eat before. Of course Chumley was shoving his face into the pot so I asked Wrigs if it was ok to share some with his brother. He said yes but only one teaspoonful.

Ok this is really weird. I will call these next 2 photos:

"The curious case of the Coors' Lights."

Can you see them there on the curb??

For one week now, these 5 little cans of Coors Light have sat right here, unopened. We're not sure if they were put in place as a trap or if someone just didn't want them and decided to leave them out for the taking. Every day I walk Wrigs by them and think "What the hell?" I try to come up with some explanation for this but it defies all logic. At the very least wouldn't you think a homeless person would swipe those up?? That's why I think it's some sort of trap. I'm afraid to touch them in case they are wired with explosives.

If you want to turn your brain into a jumbled mess of nonsense try picking out carpet at Home Depot. There are soooo many options that it literally hurts my head to decide on just one. Tom and I have been looking for a while trying to narrow down color, thickness, resistance to stain, fiber type, padding and every time we're just about settled we find something else. Until...

I kind of like this one. This past week we had a carpet guy come out to measure the rooms and he was a little person. He looked just like Tattoo from Fantasy Island. (I had an incident as a child at Disney World that left me scarred when it comes to interacting with little people. It's gotten better over the years but sometimes, I still freak out a little.) When I told Tom about the little carpet guy the first thing he said was, "What a perfect job for him!" I asked why and he said, "He's already lower to the ground so he doesn't have to bend so much."

Speaking of bending, this is Tom's stance on Wii Ski.

It's official. We are LOSERS.

Ok I didn't realize how long my blurbs are so I will cut this short.

I love the color yellow so I am lining my kitchen drawers with yellow drawer liners. Kitchen colors will be gray with yellow accents.

The other day I had a craving for popcorn balls. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? They are little balls of popcorn that are globbed together with a sugary coating. They have different flavors, strawberry was my favorite. I decided to make them but trying to mold these suckers into balls was next to impossible. So instead I just made Popcorn blobs. And they were really good.


Rebekah said...

Best. Popcorn Balls. EVER.

This is a local popcorn store where my family lives in TX. They have the best popcorn, including the balls. Cherry is my favorite. They ship everywhere. ;)

Smileygirl said...

Rebekah thank you sooo much for this link! I just ordered 6 balls in a variety of flavors! I got blueberry, blue raspberry, cherry, strawberry, vanilla and banana. I'll taste them all then pick my faves and order more! I'm soooooo excited! Do they last pretty long if you don't open the wrapper? This is going to by such a treat! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love the pictures. Poor Wrigs at the vet. I am so upset when my dogs have to get shots and such too...just as much as when the kids have to get theirs!!!

I am very concerned about the coors light. Don't touch them please!!!!

I love yellow also...I think that is a good choice for will "brighten" up those dreary days.

Anonymous said...

I am going to live vicariously through all the decorating things you're doing for your home. I love that stuff!!!

Hope Wrigs gets better soon.

karengberger said...

I am a popcorn freak, but with the digestive issues, isn't this a risk? I have can eat only a tiny bit, drink tons of fluids and limit popcorn to once in a great while. BE CAREFUL.

Smileygirl said...

these blobs definitely were a culprit in my "eruptions" over the last week. So yes, I need to not eat them but I have very little will power when it comes to food stuffs.

Rebekah said...

I think they should last in their wrapper for a week or so, maybe longer, but I've never been able to keep my hands off of them any longer than a week! :) If you like flavored popcorn, I highly suggest trying the hot cheese, confetti, caramel and jalapeno. Deeeelicious!

I hope you like them!

Smileygirl said...

Ok there is JALAPENO??? How did I NOT see that? I may have to tweak my order. Hmmmm but then again the issues I would encounter as a result of that may not be worth it. Decisions.

Rebekah said...

Jalapeno and the other savory flavors are just in the bags. Your butt would eventually forgive you. haha

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

The Live Happy carpet is an OMEN!

And as far as Wrigs and the temp taking thing, I am laughing. Both my dogs are that way... they look at me like "the utter outrage!!"