Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a glimpse into Tom's mind

We are officially moving into the new house on Thursday. Been making 2-3 trips a day back and forth hauling our loot, everything except the big stuff (furniture, W/D, piano, kayak, patio sets, etc.)

So as we were reviewing our budget and purchases that we still need to make we decided to narrow down our list.

I asked Tom what he absolutely thinks we need to have in our immediate future.

Here are his responses:

1. Couch for living room
2. Car port
3. Cheese Raclette

I say, "WTF is a cheese raclette??"

Tom then grabs the computer and googles raclette and goes into a 15 minute dissertation on how this is a must have for our new home.

I tell him that we didn't really budget $400 for a fricking cheese wheel but he insists we must get one.

I asked him why he never insisted on purchasing this device during our 11 years of marriage and he tells me that we didn't have the right house up until now. Mind you, this thing holds enough cheese to feed our entire neighborhood. When I mentioned that to Tom he said, "I know that! That's why we're going to have cheese parties!"

Some houses are great for entertaining family, friends and hosting outdoor BBQ's. Apparently ours is perfect for a cheese wheel.


karengberger said...

We'll bring the wine...you cut the cheese.

Karyn said...

I'm coming to Seattle for cheese.

Anonymous said...

I think you will like it. My fancy bro has one sort of like that and it makes these lovely, really thin cheese swirls things. They saw one in France and had to have one. Central Market has a wonderful assortment of cheese for your "Cutting the Cheese" parties.
I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling a little better. YKW

Bon Don said...

That is the cutest list of must haves EVER! ... get the man his Raclette!!

lizziebelle said...

ok he's right. i did this in college at a dinner party with some random friends from switzerland or something. its SO GOOD...like fondu but in a little pan and you must wait for things to cook. i think i didnt crap for a week afterwards though, it was meet cheese and potatos on the raclette thing and i was CLOGGED.


ChiTown Girl said...

Now, why would he need that when he has a never-ending supply of warm, gooey fromunda cheese?

Anonymous said...

Lizziebelle's comments crack me up..."didn't crap for a week". Wait, maybe you need to eat more cheese Laura.

Anonymous said...

What was on your list?

Anonymous said...

Yes! I hope yours has a heating element on top too, like this http://www.johnlewis.com/230223655/Product.aspx?source=14798, then you can cook bits of pancetta and thinly sliced vegetables, like courgette, to put with your cheese. Cheeses like gruyere work amazingly, but I tried some manchego the last time and it was fabulous. In fact, I actually cooked eggs on the top of it the last time round.

My advice? Add a heavy duty heat-proof mat to your list to put it on!

I realise all of our comments might not be having quite the effect you wanted... did you want us to help you dissuade Tom?!

Now I want raclette...


Smileygirl said...

Actually, reading these comments make me want the raclette now more than ever!!!!

I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

Hi. I have followed your blog for awhile now after finding you through Karyn's blog. I hope this isn't strange but I just moved here (to W. Seattle no less!)myself but lived here for 8 years previously. I know the transition to Seattle has been a little hard for you so if you ever need someone to help you find your way around W. Seattle or want to grab a coffee let me know. I always enjoy meeting new people! ~Kathleen

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