Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've had waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too much Sudafed.

My head feels like a hot air balloon floating through the sky. OMG. I just remembered my dream from last night. I was jumping off buildings and flying through the city avoiding wires and poles and trees. And I was bald.

I am so flipping cold right now it hurts to type. I'm wearing my down ski jacket and my upper body is shaking. Maybe from Sudafed too or just coldness. I also have quite a sunburn so that is making me chilled too.

I have to drive over to the new house to do a walk through with one of the contractors. But right now I cannot drive a moving vehicle no way no how. I keep drinking water to flush out the drugs in my system. I have flushed out everything else this morning so why am I still high as a kite!?!

Tom thinks I'm going deaf. I made an appt with an Ear Nose and Throat doc 2 weeks from now. Earliest I could get in but it's better than waiting 2 months. I know I can't hear as well out of my right ear but I am hoping it's just because there is fluid inside it and once that is removed then it will be better. Would really suck if I had permanent hearing loss. IF so I blame it on this cold as shit, dreary ass house we're in. It has made me ONE BITTER BITCH.

I am really a different person when I'm back home in the warmth and sunshine. I don't struggle every day like I do here. That makes me sad. My stomach is upset. Must go unload yet again.

bye for now.


K@tie said...

ugh..i am sorry you don't feel well! you're always welcome down here in florida! although, it was only 75 today and i am such a weenie that i was cold.

lizziebelle said...

brrrrr soon it will be warmtastic in seattle and you will be able to grill out and look at the waterrrrr and drinky drink. mayyybe i will come visit or something. who knows.

Lizy said...

This world would be a better place if we all lived in sunny California! I miss it too.. ;-(

Good luck with your ear!

karengberger said...

Oh, dear. This sounds quite miserable. Have you tried lizziebelle's ear cure yet?
I understand about the sudafed blues. If I have a cold and take the OTC stuff for it, I start to feel worse (from the drugs) after about a week. I hope your eye-ear-nose-throat Dr. has a cancellation and gets you in PRONTO.
I'm hoping that your spirits lift soon. XO

Anonymous said...

Call a cab to take you to the new house, then Tom can meet you there later. Were Wrigs and Chums wagging and purring to see you again? Take care. YKW

Becky said...

Could your primary physician call the ENT office to get you in sooner? I am an audiologist in Ohio that works for an ENT, and that always works in our office. It is likely that the fluid is your only problem. For future reference...whenever you fly you need to use EarPlanes. You can buy them at any pharmacy for about $5. They are located near the earplugs. Our ENT office sells them, but they are more expensive there. I swear by them! I was flying home from Hawaii, and the pressure in my left ear would not regulate. I had a 40 decibel hearing loss in that ear for about four months. I was an undergrad at Ohio State at the time, and being in the Audiology program, was able to have my hearing monitored weekly as my hearing gradually came back up to normal. I have not had a problem AT ALL, since discovering the EarPlanes!

Smileygirl said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I need to lay off that Sudafed stuff for a while. I now understand why people use this to make crystal meth. That stuff is intense!!

Becky, I forgot to pack Ear Planes, I have them sitting in my bathroom cabinet. Completely blanked on that when I was packing.

As for now, 2 weeks is the earliest. I don't have a primary care doctor so I'm kind of at the liberty of this appt. If it gets worse I will go to urgent care but I'm hoping it will be ok til then. I am wearing a hat at all times because the pain is worse in the cold weather, even in my own house.

I wonder if I could just stick an ear plane in now while I'm on land. just to keep my inside ear warm??

moooooog35 said...

You had me at "I must go unload again."

And by "had" I mean "vomiting."