Thursday, March 22, 2007

Should I be worried about this?

This is the latest piece that arrived in the mail addressed to me. It's a brochure for pre-planning your own funeral, complete with coffin selection and burial sites. I could wallpaper a bedroom with all the AARP literature and membership info I receive in the mail, but this bit has me worried. Is someone trying to tell me something? Should I really start thinking about plans for my own demise? It appears my name is on some old fart list somewhere which continually sends me old fart stuff like this ad for the Lark 3000 Electric Scooter...
Although it would be fun to zip around town with my pocketbook and Metamucil in tow, I just don't see myself making this purchase at my current life stage. So what if I love to knit and play bingo from time to time (the early bird special ROCKS!) And who cares if I just so happen to have a handful of porcelain choppers in my mouth? Does that mean I should start shopping for cemetery plots? I think not. But if I'm going to continue to get bombarded with this stuff I wish I could get something useful. Like samples of Ben Gay and coupons for Denny's. I have a fierce craving for some Moons over my hammy.

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