Friday, March 16, 2007

Blond Moment #4972

So I was taking Wrigs for our usual stroll around the lake which is just about 4 miles door to door. About 10 minutes into the walk it's getting a bit warm and Wrig's is panting more than usual and I didn't have water with me so I figured we'd better cut the walk in half. We get to our halfway point on the lake (where the shops and restaurants are) and I decide instead of doing a full walk around the lake, we'll just turn around and head home. It didn't dawn on me til I was about half way home (from the half way point that is) that we still ended up walking the 4 miles. I'm really not this stupid, I just wasn't thinking about circumference and diameter and all that crap. Next time I want to walk half the lake I'll find the 1/4th point and then turn around.

Here's a picture of our lake that I found on the internet. But I'm a bit puzzled by it because I'm not quite sure why there appears to be a tsunami like wave headed for our neighborhood in the lower portion of the lake.

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