Friday, March 02, 2007

Homesick for Some GOOD Food

We're heading back to Chicago tomorrow and I can't wait! Finally, some REAL food.

I've really been missing the city life and of course our favorite restaurants all within walking distance from our old condo. We both worked insane hours which didn't allow much time for home cooking and went out to eat (or ordered in) just about every night of the week. I found some of our faves online and had to post the links.

For those of you living in Chicago now, indulge yourself and head over to Yoshi's for a delicious meal accompanied by the best key lime martini you'll ever have. All this served by a cheerful, friendly staff who to us, felt like family. Oh and top it all off with an espresso creme brulee and sweet glass of port. (Although the brulee is not always on the menu.) We frequented Yoshi's a LOT. It was about 10 steps from our our front door.

  • Yoshi's Cafe

  • For a cute and cozy atmosphere with some good ole comfort food, Duke of Perth was just a short walk away. Tom and I would usually order "Rob Roy" burgers and try a different Scottish beer everytime. One of the most charming little pubs in all of Chicago.

  • Duke of Perth

  • Our favorite Thai place was just up the street and we ate there at least twice a week. They had delicious Crab Rangoon and lightly fried Spring Rolls. And our favorite noodle dishes were the Drunken Noodles, Crazy Noodles, or the Spicy Chili Noodles. This place didn't serve alcohol but you could BYOB for a small corkage fee. We brought our own bottle only a few times and usually sat out on the back patio just feasting on all our favorites!

  • Joy's Noodles

  • And of course there's the Weiner Circle our favorite after hours drunken hangout. For those not familiar with this place on the North side, I can't even begin to describe it. The late night entertainment far surpasses the quality of the fare. Last time I was there I saw an Irish man strip naked (except for black socks) while dancing a jig. Other patrons began to throw their food and cold drinks on the man and I got creative and dipped my french fry in some hot steamy cheese and landed a direct hit to the man's behind. A few minutes later Chicago's finest showed up, draped a blanket over the man and then escorted him into a Paddy wagon. The crowd from inside had now moved outside and was cheering and clapping and as the wagon turned to drive off the Irish man smushed his naked rear up against the back window and waved goodbye.

    DAMN! I miss Chicago!

    (Oh and I forgot to mention the staff behind the counter at W.C. will swear and cuss at you the entire time you are trying to order. The rule is to swear right back and name call even worse than them! The best was the first time Tom went there, he was a little new to this but wanted to have some fun with it and walks up to the counter and the woman says to him, "What'll it be BITCH?" and Tom replies, "I'll have a fucking char dog...please?" You just have to see it to believe it.)

  • Weiner Circle

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    Jen said...

    I grew up outside Chicago and have never been to a single one of these restaurants. I think I've heard of Yoshi's, but that's about it. I now have the name Yoshi connected with a music professor I once had (and hated), so I may never make it there. ; ) But hit Heaven on 7 on Wabash if you get a chance. Best darned gumbo in the world.