Friday, March 23, 2007

Function Over Fashion

We've now welcomed our 5th vacuum into our home. Between the dog hair, kitty litter and shards of golf grass that sprinkle our floors, you can never have too many. I've been looking to upgrade our Dust Buster which at this point can barely pick up a baby chick's feather. Plus it sounds like a dying crow everytime you turn it on and then it fizzles out after 20 seconds. So I've been doing some research and reading all the reviews on the latest and greatest hand held suckers.

This fancy little number caught my eye...

This is the Dirt Devil KONE and I thought it would look so pretty sitting atop the laundry room counter and would add a nice touch to the light green color scheme. But after reading some reviews, I realized this was more of a table decoration than a super sucker. Plus Tom informed me that there would be no way in HELL he would assist in vacuum duty with a frosty pink cone. I guess I could understand that to some degree. Especially when he's outside vacuuming the inside of his car. So I continued to search and then came upon this guy...
This is the Black and Decker Hand Vac that pumps out 15.6 Volts of sheer power! That's more than double the power of the pretty pink cone. I read a few of the reviews and was instantly sold when one woman raved about how great it picked up clumps of kitty litter. This was the one for me! I headed out to Target and made the purchase. Tom was thrilled when I came back with this monster vac. He was certain I would ignore his plea for the practical and I'd come waltzing in with my pink table topper.

We charged up the vacuum overnight and this morning I put it to the test. Of course there are litter clumps everywhere in the laundry room so I thought I'd start in there. This vacuum is amazing. It has so much power that it feels like I'm using my Oreck upright in a hand held form. Within seconds I've picked up all the litter so I continue to vacuum (in my hunched over position) as I head into the family room to tackle the dog hair. One by one the tumbleweeds are fiercely sucked into the clear plastic canister where they continue to swirl. I zip around the baseboards and fireplace and then I discover the turbo switch for an extra burst of sucking power. I flip it on and the little motor inside revs up like a jet engine and starts engulfing everything in sight. It tried to swallow Wrigley's rope toy but luckily the knot was too big. This vacuum has so much power that dust bunnies from a foot away start rolling into the canister. I'm now in a vacuuming frenzy with this machine leading the way and for a moment I thought I would become airborne. It's really that good. I think I'll go write my review now while I'm all hyped up about this.

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