Sunday, March 25, 2007

He's got The Clamp

Tom has been working hard all weekend tearing down our old fence in the backyard and putting up a new one. I'm inside organizing the home office and shredding docs and I peek out from time to time to see him mixing cement, banging in posts and carrying these 7 ft pieces of iron fencing so I figure I better check and see if he needs any help. I pop outside and ask, "Do you think you need my help with any of this stuff?" He points to this blue tool that's holding one end of the fence to the post and says, "No thanks. I got this clamp." I look at him a bit puzzled and say, "Ok, so you have a clamp. What does that do?" He says, "It's like having a whole other person here. It holds this end in place while I drill on the other end. Plus, it doesn't complain, or get tired, or tell me what to do! So, no thanks, I don't need your help."

Nice to know I've been replaced with a clamp. Perhaps his clamp would like to fix dinner tonight...

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