Tuesday, April 06, 2010

waiting for the ADT man

It's now 4:22 and still no sign of him!!! Heads are GONNA ROLL!

I've been waiting for the ADT man to get here for going on 2 hours cuz our alarm keeps beeping randomly and after 2 phone calls to supervisor/technical support, no one can figure out what the issue is. ADT man was scheduled to come out tomorrow but the thing was beeping every 2-3 minutes this morning, driving me and the animals BONKERS so I called back and begged to get him out here sooner. I was told no, earliest was tomorrow and I told them that I hope I'm still here this time tomorrow because the beeping is going to send me to the looney bin. The woman on the phone could hear it and she apologized and said it would drive her crazy too. About a half hour later I get a call back saying that one of their technicians called in sick but he is close by and can come over after 1:00 today. I said I don't want him to make a trip if he is sick and then she told me that he was planning on working this afternoon, he just took the morning off. So now, here I am waiting for him hoping to God whatever he has isn't contagious.

The beeping has stopped, of course, now that he is on his way but hopefully he can figure out what caused it and can prevent it from happening again. One technician told me to make it stop I should take the batteries out of the control panels and then disconnect the power to the main box. I said "Yes but doesn't that defeat the purpose of an alarm system?" And he responded with, "Well you wanted to know how to stop the beeping." Customer service at its finest I tell ya.

I hope the field tech has a better answer.

And so, I wait.

Did I mention the last time an ADT tech came out he was here for 5 hours? Hope this guy likes pork tenderloin.

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