Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's almost 5:00

and still no sign of the blasted ADT man! Anyway since I can't do much of anything but stew in my own impatience I'll post some photos from last week.

My friend Michael came to visit me from California. It was so great to see him and it came at a really good time. I had a rather bizarre situation occur in the week preceding his visit (it was like being in an episode of the Twilight Zone because somehow, I got dragged into a really f*cked up situation by trying to help a friend) which led to my safety being threatened. Needless to say I have NEVER been a fan of hand guns nor have I ever wanted them in my home but when you feel, or rather are TOLD you are in danger, you will do anything to protect yourself and your family.

But I digress, it was great to see my friend especially when I needed a lift.

The sun came out on his second day here so we drank champagne and praised the sun Gods (even though it was about 40 degrees):

Then we went to Pike's Market in disguise and pretended to be foreign:

And to top it all off we had our very own Snuggie Pub Crawl through town:

We'd announce "NAP TIME!" and have to put our heads down for a mandatory 5 minute nap in the bar. Yes, we are crazy, no, we were not even drunk, just off our meds that day. Good times.

I miss doing stuff like this. Harmless fun. But anyway...

Then Saturday night Tom and I and a big group went to see Michael Buble in concert and he puts on a PHENOMENAL show.

He's an excellent performer and his singing appears effortless. He was born to entertain.

It was funny because he would banter with the crowd and while he was doing his shtick this crazy fan at the foot of the stage kept jumping up and down screaming I LOVE YOU and just being overly obnoxious throughout the whole show. He finally looked at her and said in the middle of bantering, "At one point in my career, I'm certain you will kill me." It was really funny but I hope to GOD not true!!

This is the first time I've seen him live and I couldn't get over how much he looks like a younger Matt Dillon. Look at this pic. This is Buble, not Dillon. They could be twins.

Here's another pic I found. He kind of reminds me of Enrique in this pose. Que te parace?

OMG, it's 5:10 and STILL no sign of the ADT man!!!


ChiTown Girl said...

OMG! I'm SO jealous that you saw Michael Buble!!

Call ADT and tell that assbag "I'm gonna BYFFI when you get here!!"

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so cute! You are a silly girl!

Buble does look just like Dillon....sigh.


I hope you are ok. Now you have me worried about you. Be safe.

karen gerstenberger said...

You and Michael could be spokesmodels together. For anything. People would buy sunggies, fake mustaches and wax lips, flowered headbands, tiaras, whatever you are selling. You are both SO photogenic. Having friends to be silly and blow off steam with is SO healthy and important in this life. I'm thankful that you have him!

Buble was so great - even better than I imagined. Thank you again for including us! XOXO

oneandahalfcats said...

Hubby and I saw Michael live a couple of times in our home town a few years ago. His shows are electric from start to finish. Love that big band sound and, Michael is very easy on the eyes.