Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Banana toy stand off (AGAIN)

Earlier today Chum was playing quietly with his banana toy. It was so sweet, he would toss it up in the air then pounce on it and roll over with it in his front paws while kicking it with his back paws. Then out of nowhere, Wrigs enters the picture and swipes it right out of his mitts. Chum was NOT happy about that but instead of going after Wrigs, he took it out on me. Wrigley was following behind, gloating, with the banana hanging out of his mouth.

Here they are side glancing at each other to see who will get the banana.

And when Chum is really worked up, he'll howl/bellow/moan throughout the house.

I finally had to hide the banana in the pantry because the two of them can't handle being in the same room with it.


ChiTown Girl said...

I never thought I'd say this, but it's great to see Satan is back to his old self again!!

Smileygirl said...

Thanks my dear! I guess I'd rather have him attacking and biting than just laying there not eating for a week too!

karen gerstenberger said...

I really wish I'd bought two of those bananas! So glad that they both love it, but the fighting must be a little hard to take. That sound that Chumley makes is amazing!

oneandahalfcats said...

Oh that howling and moaning sounds familiar. Max does this same thing, along with racing from one room to the next just before taking care of some business in the litterbox. Must be a 'male thang' ;)

Chums is looking good!

Clippy Mat said...

I love the new episodes of the "Chumley and Wrigley show".
Good to see the Chum-man is back on fine form. (you'd think he'd have mellowed somewhat tho' after all he's been through.) too much to ask?