Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Pooping

When you have a plethora of digestive issues, it is not uncommon to receive a "happy pooping" card in the mail from one of your very best friends. Throw in a fake centipede bug to literally scare the crap outta me for good measure and it's an all around good time.

Thank you Rebecca. And I will continue to text you all of my gastrointestinal issues on a regular basis.


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Aaaah, only you. Only you. Only you are the BEST. :-) I sat here on my couch and had a good 2, maybe 3 minutes, of solid chuckling over this post. Too funny.

You have a plethora of pics, and even though memes and tagging are not my thing usually, I've tagged you over at my place. Play along if you'd like. It's an easy one, just a picture.

Have a great weekend my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, this doesn't have anything to do with irritable innards, but I found a blog that I think you will enjoy. This guy is a seriously good writer (sometimes harsh/crass), but he is a stay-at-home dad who writes a blog. The name of the blog got me clicking and then I discovered that he's good. He and his wife have taught their children the proper names of private parts. On the swing one day, his little four-year-old daughter shouted, "Daddy, the wind feels so nice on my vagina." Hence the name THE WIND IN YOUR VAGINA. Try him when you have time--but I know you don't need one more thing to do. BTW, are you using the tricks from FLYLady for your purging? Today your new view must be spectacular. Take care. YKW

Smileygirl said...

YKW- I just checked out that blog and you're right, his blog/kids/writing is very entertaining. I haven't had much time to read blogs lately but this morning I have some time some I'm glad I clicked over to his. I have started to use Fly ladys tips 2 or 3 times but never stay committed. I'm still not completely unpacked yet (now I'm just procrastinating) but I would like to stick with her tips/suggestions for maintaing the house now that we're staying put for a while!

Anonymous said...

A "happy pooping" card?