Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bead Candy Bracelet

This weekend I made a bracelet. I sort of worked on it obsessively because I was so excited to finish it and when I don't sleep I try to remain productive. I should call it "The Insomnia Bracelet." Karen Gberger made me a beautiful bracelet that was the inspiration for making this piece. I haven't beaded in a while, months maybe, so it felt so good to break out my bag o' beads and go to town.

It looks like candy (but don't eat it Lizzibelle)

Has a vintage button closure:

A bit too fancy for everyday wear but will be fun to wear in the summer with cute dresses and bright summery tops.

I haven't been blogging too much but I plan on updating later today with various snippets of the past week, month. I will stick to that promise since I put it in writing. And I also have MANY Chum and Wrigs pics to share. I'll be back!



Anonymous said...

You got me into beading back when you lived in MN. Though, I haven't done it in a while either.

Your bracelet is super cute. I love all the different beads.

karengberger said...

You could sell these, for sure! It is a beautiful, wearable work of art. You did a great job with it.
Being productive during insomnia doesn't sound very sleep-inducing, but it's honorable. You are VERY creative. xo

Smileygirl said...

e: I will never forget that visit to our house in MN. Riding lawn mower rides for all!

karen: I wish I had the focus to make more of these to sell. I typically do one or two then move onto something else. Now I am beading flower pots! Who knows what tomorrow will bring...

Anonymous said...


"The Insomnia Bracelet"

I even like the name. :-)

lizziebelle said...

TASTY crunch crunch. looks like ugly doll food.