Monday, June 27, 2011

I love everything about...

...this video:

The people, the dancing (obvious) and the accompanying music. It's just superb, right up there with Double Dream hands.

...this tea:

It has recently been re-packaged, you might be familiar with the old packaging that looked like this:

They also have an organic line which looks like this:


And their Vanilla white tea is phenomenal:

I ordered 6 boxes each of the Original Caffeine Free and Vanilla White tea through because they offer free shipping on orders of $25 or more and their prices were better. And...I drink a lot of tea. You can also buy the Original teas at Target. It's unlike any tea I've ever had. Has a rich texture and you don't need to add anything else. No cream, sugar, lemon, just drink it straight after brewing. I definitely taste the cinnamon and clove but it's also sweetly spiced or spicy sweet (just like it indicates on the box) and I think that is why it has so much flavor. I made it iced and it tastes good but I much prefer it hot. Try it, you won't be disappointed! 

...this chocolate bar bar!

That's right, it's chocolate!!! Since the Candida diagnosis I've had to cut out a lot of stuff. I was never a big fan of dark chocolate before, it tasted disgusting to me, too bitter. Milk chocolate was always my preference, specifically milk chocolate covered sea salt caramels. (Ok 5 seconds to day dream about them and then I'll move on...) BUT! I have found an alternative that I can enjoy in small amounts. Reason being, it's dairy free and very low in sugar. Only 3 grams of sugar per serving in this bar. For comparison sake, the standard milk chocolate bar has 23 grams of sugar so that's off the list (not only because of the sugar but obviously "milk" chocolate contains dairy. 

Ok back to more things I love...

...the smell of this candle:

Another Target find, for $6. This wild currant candle smells so inviting you'll just want to stand over the flame and sniff. 

...the TV show Portlandia

Some of the characters the lead actors play are so so funny and the scenes can be a bit ridiculous but it adds to the quirkiness of the show.

So now I think it's time to light my candle, sip some tea and nibble on a chocolate square.

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ChiTown Girl said...

1) I should know better by now to click on any video you compare to Double Dream Hands!! WTF?! Why do I get the feeling that the music that was actually playing was rap? Between the grandpa in the sideways hat and the one goofball rolling around on the ground (breakdancing?!) that's just the feeling I get. Hilarious, nonetheless!

2)I just may have to try that tea. I do almost all my grocery shopping at Target now that they've made mine a SuperTarget (woo woo!) so I'll keep an eye out for it. Stud is a HUGE tea drinker, as is his dad, so I think they may like it.

3)That is Stud's absolute FAVORITE chocolate bar! He adores dark chocolate, the darker the better. He gets one of these every time we go to Walmart. :)

4)I went overboard with my scented candle purchases recently, and then I received a bunch for my birthday last month, so I'll have to make due with just sniffing this one the next time I'm at Target. I told myself I wasn't allowed to buy one more candle until I burn the ones I already have.

5)I've never heard of this show (probably since I still don't have cable) but this clip was hilarious. I LOVE Fred Armisten.

Whew, I kinda feel like I just finished a homework assignment.

I love reading about how well you're feeling these days. I'm so glad for you.