Friday, September 28, 2007


It's chilly and dark this morning and believe it or not it's raining. Very unusual for Sept since it's usually one of the hottest months and fire season is most active. I actually like this weather for a change and enjoy looking out the window while daydreaming (though I need to get my work done!) I started to daydream about my trip so I thought I'd post some more photos...(click on the pics to enlarge so you can see more detail)

This was taken at our hotel, the Andronis Suites. It had so many different levels, each with incredible views and different seating arrangements. One night my girlfriend and I enjoyed a late night crepe snack with a bottle of Greek wine while sitting atop this settee. I'd never seen so many stars in my life nor did I know they could shine so bright.

A neat hotel nestled into the mountainside. I love the contrast of the white alabaster with the deep blue doors and windows. A perfect compliment to the sea.

I found this cute little wood working shop in Oia on one of my many walking excursions. He had so many interesting things in the shop all made by hand by him. (sorry the stupid pic will not rotate)

And here's a close up of the little window in the shop and it's breathtaking view to the paradise that awaits...


Christina Shaver said...

I can't believe how beautiful it is there. Why are you back? Oh yeah, for the tarantulas.

And, might I ask, watched Chumley during your vacation? And is that person still with us?

ChiTown Girl said...

My mom and sister were over last night, and I pulled up a couple of the pictures you posted to show them. I was commenting on the beautiful view you had from your hotel room. My mother, ever the b*tch, goes, "Big deal, I see the same thing from the balcony of my villa everyday." She's got a point...but she doesn't have to rub it in!!