Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some excitement today in Seattle

Thanks to Obama's visit to Seattle, western Washington experienced quite a scare today:

Sonic Boom

At the sound of the first boom, my knees buckled and I froze. Then a few seconds later, another one. It felt like a drum banging in my chest. The house shook, windows rattled and then I thought, "Is this an earthquake?? But why the big bangs first?? Maybe that's how they happen here in Washington?!?" Then I thought maybe it was a gas explosion and a neighbor's house just blew. Twice. It was hard to comprehend what could have made that type of intensely loud bang and shudder. Wrigley ran upstairs whining and pawing at the bedroom door so he could run into the closet and hide. Chumley got really low to the ground, almost belly crawling, and his eyes were as big as could be, as he kept looking from side to side. He stopped to hiss a few times and then slithered into the study to pee on the floor.

I grabbed the computer, tried logging on to local online sources and couldn't connect. Then I hopped on facebook and started a shit storm of panic over there. People heard this as far north as Edmonds and south as Olympia (actually I don't really know exactly where these places are but one is really north and one is far south).

Pretty much everyone who heard these booms was in an immediate state of panic. 9-1-1 couldn't handle all the calls - some people armed themselves with weapons thinking it was a terrorist attack while others searched their homes for an intruder. Some thought a small plane crashed in their backyard or even Mount St. Helens was erupting. It was nuts!
Here's a story on our local blog with real time updates. The comments are pretty entertaining to read especially those who were really freaked out (myself included).

Yes, we heard it too


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DavidShag said...

It is stuff like this that makes me think about how folks back in really old days were in total darkness at night and there would be these noises or movements they never heard before and no wonder all the tales of ghosts and fairies and leprachauns and so on came about. It is funny how people hearing strange stuff never think is it something GOOD happening. I remember the one and only time I ever saw the Aurora Borealis here in Western NY when I was a kid and I was absolutely paralyzed with fear. Glad no one blew you up!

Smileygirl said...

I was talking with some friends who said the exact same thing. That instantly when something like this happens we automatically think the worst. I think also since we hear/see/read so much about terrorism that our minds are conditioned to think that it must be something bad.

Just like around 4th of July, the first sound of fireworks everyone thinks they're gun shots!

Kathleen said...

I thought it was an earth quake at first, too! Then I thought it was gunshots but it seemed WAY too loud for that. I went to WSB immediately and then saw it was crashing so I realized it must have been far reaching. Gandalf was freaking out and it was a lot of excitement for little old West Seattle!

Anonymous said...

That would have been scary. I wonder how common sonic booms are??

Smileygirl said...

It's so strange because some people here didn't hear it, if they were driving or in certain parts. I guess those along the water heard it the loudest. I remember hearing them when I was younger but this seemed different just because of the vibrations and shaking that followed. CRAZY!

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Gina said...

hello! just wanted to drop in and say hi :) hope your doing well. I miss reading your posts, you always make me laugh :)