Thursday, July 09, 2009

momism at sea

My mother is on an Alaskan cruise. It's something she's always wanted to do her whole life and now at 70 something years old, she is sailing around Alaska, enjoying every minute of it. She called to check in and see how things are going with us and I filled her in on our little lives and also that I had a bad bout of food poisoning last week. And this was our exchange after I told her about the food poisoning:

mom: "Damn it. Don't do that again!"

me: "Do what? Eat???"

mom: "Eat something with food poisoning."

me: "Ohhh. Ok, I should have known better."

I'm actually responding with "I should have known better" a lot lately. It's just easier that way.

But I also think the 20+ hours of daylight are starting to give my mom the sillies.


Anonymous said...

Your Mom sounds like such a kick. I wish I would've known she was coming because I give a great tour - has she already been to Ketchikan? We've had great weather this week - foggy in the a.m. and p.m. but fabulously beautiful in the afternoon. Hopefully her cruise is just what she expected! L in Alaska (

Smileygirl said...

Oh that's so sweet L in Alaska! My mom is LOVING it so much there. She's in awe of all the beauty. Her cruise was for I think 7 days then they did these land tours all over the place, stopping at 5 or 6 different places. I think her first stop was Ketchikan. I'm going to see her at the end of this month and can't wait to see all her pictures. Of course she brings a Kodak disposable camera with her! She doesn't know how to work a digital camera just yet. Baby steps.

TTQ said...

I have the sillies mom gave up IM'ing with me just now..said she had to go eat dinner.. Sometimes I just can't help myself..she makes it so easy

karengberger said...

I love your mom's Momisms...and loved your posting about all of the mail "warnings" that you get from her...I SO understand that now, from her angle, even though I know it's a little more than you might feel you need =). We can't be protected from life, but when you've been through a lot, you want to keep your beloved ones as safe as possible! A sweet sign of her amazing, deep, protective love for you.
Looking forward to catching up with you. We thought of you & Tom, esp. in Paris, on the Rue Faubourg St. Honore...David DID find something at Loro Piana, and I got a scarf from Hermes (from my parents) for my 50th! XOXO to you and your guys.