Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Hungries

Every night around 5:30ish I ask the animals, "Who's Hungry???" They look at me and meow (Chum) and head tilt/blink (Wrigs) then they stampede down the hallway into the feedin' room for their dinner.

We (me, Chum and Wrigs) made up a little song that we sing when this happens:

title of song is called, "The Hungries"

"here they come
marchin' to their bowls
they're ready to eat now
stuffin' their pie holes"

(then, this is where Chum n Wrigs sing together, duet style)

"hey hey we're the hungries
we're ready to eat our meal
give us some kibble and canned food
then listen to us squeal!!"

It happens every single night. They are so predictable sometimes.


endswith8741 said...

My house is predictable at night too: "I don't liiiiike this." Maybe I should start singing the hungries song.

Gina said...

hehe i love making up songs about my animals and singing to them! :)

Live For Today said...

I ask mine "Are you ready to EAT?" and my voice goes higher with every word. It's the same tone for asking Sadie whether she wants a walk, or to go to Mamaw's house. The kittehs are very excited about their canned food (treat) the get in the evening. Sadie doesn't care so much.

karengberger said...

You really should have your own show...maybe that's what a blog is!