Monday, February 19, 2007

My perfect day....

It's not my intention with this post to piss anyone off in the midwestern or northeastern states. Instead, it's more of an attempt to give those of you suffering from frostbitten fingers and frozen mucous membranes a mere glimpse into the not so distant future. The last few days have been summer like out here. Temps have been in the mid 80's, with bright blue skies and a warm gentle breeze. As far as 2007 goes I have to say Friday, February 16th was my perfect day.

Here is a recap of my summer day, dated 02/16/07:

Awake to dog kisses at 7:30am. Feed the animals, make coffee, get dressed and ready to start the day. Clean out the garage of all the stuff that I've been carting around for 10 years. Load up the car (Wrigs included) and drop it off at the Discovery shop. (I'm sure cleaning out storage tubs in the garage wouldn't register high on the perfect day meter for most people, but for me it is like a 500 pound weight has lifted from my shoulders and just adds nothing but glory to my day!) Wrigs and I eat breakfast at Corner Bakery where I enjoy my favorite: swiss oatmeal with a sweet crisp and an extra hot latte. Run a few more errands, home around noon and realize it's getting a little warm outside. Change clothes and take the dog for a quick walk.

About 12:30 now, back home again, catch one of my favorite episodes of I Love Lucy and then start to weed in the back yard. Feel the sun beating down on my neck and shoulders. Change clothes again, now wearing a tank top and running shorts. Back to weeding, step in dog poop. No big deal. I have shitty shoes on anyway. This doesn't affect my perfect day. I continue to enjoy the sensations of the summer day. The warmth, the blue skies, the yellowness of the sun, the flowers in bloom. I take in all the sights and...smells. Decide to clean up the rest of dog poop in the yard. Several minutes later, I'm back to beautifying my back yard. Work on pruning -not sure if that's the correct term here, more like hacking away at branches on the orange/lemon hybrid tree. Start to get thirsty so I pick a few oranges and lemons and head inside to make an orange-lemonade. (sidenote: One of the benefits on having your own fruit tree is that you don't have to scrub your gems with antibacterial soap and warm water. For this I am grateful and this is a definite plus to my perfect day).

While inside making my refreshing summer drink, Tom comes home early from a business trip. We have the whole afternoon together so we both head outside and work on weeding and shaping up the front yard. We have all the tools, wheel barrow, bark chips, etc. spread out on the lawn while we each work sections of the yard. It's now HOT outside. Like 87 degrees but no humidity, just a warm gentle breeze every so often. I cut some flowers from our haphazard wildflower collection and head inside to put them in water. Wrigs is pining to join us in the yard so I decide to bring him out for a summer picnic and we both lay down and enjoy the simple beauty of the day. Tom continues to weed and whack but Wrigs and I decide to take a quick nap while blanketed by the sun's rays.

Oh, and don't think Chumley was devoid of any fun that day. He stayed inside the house peeping out the window from time to time while sitting inside a tire. Yes indeed. A good time was had by all.

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