Sunday, October 03, 2010

rushing through airports and such...

I mentioned that we almost missed our flight leaving Columbus because Tom was still on the course a bit later than was expected. When we finally get to the airport we’re rushing through security - Tom goes ahead of me, puts his things on the belt they go right through no problem so he grabs them and starts heading to the gate. My stuff starts going through and the belt stops and the screener yells for a bag check and of course because we’re about to miss our flight, it’s my purse that needs to be checked. Tom’s still walking ahead, thinking I’m following right behind him and turns back to see the screener hold up my purse asking, “Is this yours?” I say yes and Tom looks at me like WTF you got in there. The stone faced agent walks over to a little cubicle and asks me if there’s anything sharp or dangerous that would inflict harm when she opens the bag and I tell her no and she says that I am not to reach in while she is searching. Ok fine. So she opens it up and out pops my giant water bottle that I completely forgot about. She holds it up high, probably to show everyone else in line how much of a dumb ass I am and Tom sees it from the other side of the cube and makes a face to me like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Like this is my first time traveling by plane or something. I mouth to him that I had NO IDEA it was in there and the agent grabs a little vial and pours the water inside and sets it aside. I tell her that I am so sorry, we were running late (I thought about going into the whole golf saga but didn’t think she’d be sympathetic to that story) and all I could do was say again, I’m sorry. She looks at me sternly and says NO LIQUIDS and runs my bag back through the belt. I think because they knew we were running late they purposely took their time so I stand there waiting, Tom’s bugging his eyes out at me and I’m like what the hell am I supposed to do reach in and grab it from the xray machine??? So he waits, I wait and then the bag comes out and I grab it and we run. But not before stopping to check the scores for the Ryder cup on the airport bar TV because you know, that’s really important.

For as much as I complain about Tom and his love affair with golf I have to admit he is pretty darn awesome as a husband outside of that ridiculously annoying addiction. Here’s why…

While on the airplane:

-he lets me eat his warm cookie right off his plate without even saying a word. (I ate mine too but the flight attendant saw me eat his and she got him another one so it’s not like he didn’t get to enjoy a warm cookie too.)

-he gives me the less germ-infested-looking pillow always asks if I’m too hot or too cold and adjusts the air thingy accordingly.

-he holds my ball of yarn and lets out strands while I knit. (Our flight attendant asked if she could take a picture of him doing this, Tom said he would prefer not.)

In the airport:

-he lets me play games on his phone and then when he needs it back to check emails and such it runs out of battery life.

-he always lets me pick the restaurant or carry out place and I’ll say “What do you want to eat?” And he’ll always say “You pick it, I’ll find something I like.” And then most of the time I end up liking the thing he got better than mine so we switch and he never complains about that either.

-he plays along when I make up games while we’re waiting at our gate during a lay over/delay.


Clippy Mat said...

He's a keeper for sure! Glad you made the flight.

ChiTown Girl said...

As much as I love reading posts like this, there's a part of me that hates it, cuz it makes me wish I was there with you two nutballs!!! :(

karen gerstenberger said...

You two are a match made in heaven. xoxoxo

karrie said...

Ha! I live in Dublin! I am glad you had fun in my town, and yes, 270 is the number one complaint from people who visit this town. LOL I am glad you made your flight and it seems like you married a keeper. :)

Smileygirl said...

Yes, he's a keeper (most of the time!)
Karrie, Dublin is adorable! We went to a bunch of shops and my favorites were the Yarn store, Thalia and Dalia and the coffee and cupcake place. The owners of all those stores were so kind and it was so much fun walking around. The leaves were just starting to change so I can only imagine how beautiful it is in the fall. And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only visitor who thought 270 was a nightmare. I've never experienced anything like it!