Friday, August 10, 2012

The Earth was Happy

There once was a time the Earth was happy,
Vast mountains, blue oceans and tree after tree.
A bright shining sun, led to dark starry nights,
An abundance of nature and all of its sights.
Then one by one, the creatures came...
First man, then woman and everything changed.
Man's will was free, he made decisions and choices
Some for the good; some hushed nature's voices.
But man was creative, making wheels to jet planes.
Soon building after building covered our terrain.
Pollution filled skies, green grass began to fade,
People became obsessed with all that was man made.
And across this great globe war battles were fought.
“What happened to my beautiful home?” The Earth sat and thought.
Fighting over power, religious beliefs and greed,
Love for one another, no longer was a need.
The Earth began to weep, for it was rattled to the core.
It quaked and buckled with every sob, just couldn't take it anymore.
The oceans swelled and swallowed life, man made buildings crumbled.
Sadness had unleashed this rage, yet man did not seem humbled.
“What will it take for man to see we cannot go on this way?”
“Must I end this world right now? But how and”



ChiTown Girl said...

wonderful piece here, my friend.

i've miss you :(

glad to see you checking in.


Clippy Mat said...

This makes me sad. :-(
Are we really that bad?
I hope there is hope for us.

Me said...

There's always hope. These were just some thoughts I had after quiet reflection on an environmental meditation. :)